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tips to showing up authentically online

#EmbraceTheWeird ❤️ Stand out on social

March 18, 20233 min read

Embrace the weird." - Unearth Advertising Agency

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We're Linda and Kelly, the marketing pros and advertising experts behind Unearth Advertising Agency. We've built a successful business helping early-stage entrepreneurs, online coaches and other small businesses effectively market themselves following our proven, holistic and outside-of-the-box approach.

What's cool? We work with established businesses who are looking to scale, but we've also got a full client roster of early-stage entrepreneurs who are ready to grow...and do so in the right way. A way that sets them up for success. A way that helps them avoid the costly (avoidable) WTF marketing mistakes. A way that allows them to automate and streamline so they can ultimately increase their sales.

tips to showing up authentically online, coaching business

As business-owners and just people in general, we 100% stand by authenticity > everything.

And we help our clients understand how to harness the power of authenticity to be vulnerable, compelling and relatable online, as they are looking to build (or scale) a thriving coaching business.

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✅ Use humor in your content

unearth meme my leads suck

People love to laugh, so if you can make your followers chuckle with your posts, you'll be more likely to stand out. We love a good blooper reel or whoops-I-F'ed-Up kinda post. Why? Because it's a reminder that even though social media can feel overly curated...we're allllll just humans who F up from time to time. Boom, instant relatability.

Consider using memes, GIFs, or just a touch of wit in your content to inject some humor into your social media presence.

✅ Share behind-the-scenes moments

Showing the "real" you can be a great way to stand out on social media and connect with your followers. Share candid moments from your life or business, or give your followers a peek behind the scenes of what you do.

✅ Create a unique voice

People follow accounts on social media that have a unique voice or perspective. If you can find a way to be yourself and stand out from the crowd, you'll be more likely to capture people's attention.

✅ Be authentic

Unearth Reel - we used to hate each other!

While it's important to be funny and stand out, it's also important to be authentic. People can tell when you're being genuine, so make sure to be true to yourself and your brand.

We love to record funny and kinda stupid videos that give people an idea who we are, and what we're like. Ya can't hide weird on video!! And we like it that way 😜

✅ Don't take yourself too seriously

One of the keys to standing out on social media is not taking yourself too seriously. If you're willing to poke fun at yourself and not take everything so seriously, you'll be more likely to connect with your followers and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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We covered a lot. I get it. 🌱 If you liked it, show us some love. Share it, comment, save it.

If you want more - we've got your back. We cover this at a deeper level, and so much more in the Marketing Growth Sprint™ - the affordable, actionable accelerator for time-and-money strapped early-stage coaches who want to hack their business growth, presence and messaging online. 👉 Plus, it's focused on the RELEVANT, NEED TO KNOW things that affect your coaching business at this stage, so you can focus smartly and cut the noise.

Comment GROWTH and we'll send you the need-to-know details so you can see if it's right for you!!

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We're no B.S. digital marketing experts, who help small business-owners, coaches and consultants just like you accelerate their business growth through comprehensive, outside-of-the-box strategy, and seamless marketing automations.

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