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we help business owners generate qualified leads on autopilot by leveraging our proven growth system...all while taking into account the customer journey at every step of the way.

There's something for everyone!

What We Do

Whether you've tried marketing partners in the past (and it didn't work out), or you're still DIY-guessing at how to nail your marketing and convert more leads...we can help.

done-for-you social ads

turn-key ads that actually convert to new clients

If you're sick of grinding trying to find where your next client or job is going to come from, then this is for you. Trade "how am I going to do this?" for "holy sh!t this is awesome" with our done-for-you, complete ad campaigns. More new leads, less headaches and the confidence that your business is getting in front of the RIGHT people that you want to work with.

Our turnkey services include:

  • extensive audience research and targeting

  • ideal avatar workshops to nail messaging

  • full service ad copy and creative

  • retargeting campaigns

  • all tech install and coding

  • campaign monitoring and optimization

  • full funnel build

  • custom automations

  • email marketing campaign

websites + sales funnels

sales funnels designed with your prospects' behaviors in mind

A sales funnel seems easy enough to execute...until you sit down to do it and realize you've watched 25 YouTube videos, read 17 blog posts, and you're more confused than when you started. Now, you're frustrated, annoyed AND you lost time that could have been dedicated to something else.

We know how to optimize your lead generation process, pricing strategy, sales techniques, avatar targeting, and funnel structure. We know the right questions to ask. Then, we build you the ideal funnel for your service offering.

So if you want to stop Googling what a funnel is, why you need it and how to do it...you know the drill.

automations & all-in-one tech stack

one-stop shop tech stack that becomes your lead nurture machine, which makes your growth scalable

We've built a completely custom and cutting edge growth system for business owners that eliminates the need for multiple systems AND is optimized to help you close more business. Avoid inadvertently letting leads slip through the cracks by automating things correctly on the front end to create a well-oiled machine on the back-end.

  • Automate your entire business from one-single login, allowing you to eliminate redundant systems from your tech stack and save money

  • Comprehensive visibility in the data to help you close the gaps and operate at max efficiency

  • Dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend following up with leads...

  • ..while still providing your clients and prospects with instant customized contact (high-touch without the work)

  • While your Evergreen by Unearth™ system helps you nurture and convert prospects to profits, you get more time back in your day to focus on other aspects of your business

marketing audits & consulting

when your current partners or your DIY isn't working for you

Marketing is an essential function to any business, and it's worthy of an investment. If you're spending money on your marketing (either DIY-hamster wheel-style or you're actually paying another company)...but you're not getting results, we can help. While everything else we do is full-service, we do offer Marketing Audits to help you identify the gaps within your marketing, while providing you with an action plan for how to improve.

bonus: marketing sprint course

we also recently launched our Marketing Growth Sprint™ course exclusively for early-stage online coaches or content creators who need to take the WTF confusion out of their marketing. You can purchase the self-paced course and learn more here.



"All I can say is WOW! I can’t rave enough about Unearth Advertising Agency. The team gave me the most thorough review of my business and I am forever thanking them. They was extremely professional, super organized and had the most amazing eye for detail - even things I didn’t even think about. Unearth brought these to me in a whole new light and also gave me efficient points on how to move forward with them. So grateful to have worked with her and can’t wait for more of her and Unearth Agency!"

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